Polytec Inc. is committed to supporting our customers by not only providing the quality chemicals they need, but also the equipment and services they require to run the most efficient program possible. As an OEM, all of our equipment is fabricated, repaired, and serviced right here in Mooresville, NC, to ensure that our customers are receiving the same high quality product they are accustomed to in our chemicals.

Shipping Fleet

Polytec Inc. maintains a full fleet of trucks for local and over-the-road hauling, and we ship most of our products using Polytec trucking and company drivers. We feel this allows us to guarantee quality products that are delivered by professional, quality drivers. By strategically locating our facilities, we can cover most of the central and eastern parts of the U.S. directly.


Polytec Inc. provides a wide range of equipment designed to support our products. From pumps and mixers, to complete whitewater systems, we are committed to providing our customers with whatever the job demands. No two systems are the same, and sometimes an off-the-shelf solution is not the right one. Contact us today to inquire about our standard or custom fabricated equipment.


For over 5 years, Polytec Inc. has been developing automation to support our growing number of customers. While we feel there is no replacement for knowledgable plant personnel, we understand that automation is a key factor in growth and efficiency. Polytec's Integrated Chemical Control (PICC) system is one of our original automation systems, and has now been successfully deployed in over 50 of our customer's facilities around the world. Since then, we have also developed automatic batching systems for dry and emulsion polymers, automatic purging units, and several custom automation applications.